Welcome to Every Detail Commercial Maintenance

We are a commercial cleaning company that specializes in concrete restoration and polishing.

Since 1987, we have provided commercial cleaning services throughout the state of California.   Anyone who has concrete can benefit from our services.  We can steam clean it, grind it, color it, polish it, coat it, and more.  Every project presents its own challenges but at the end of the day, concrete is concrete.   Although it is a very difficult surface to clean, we have some of the best machines made for working with it.  

We have been fortunate to have been chosen to install industrial grade floor coatings for some of the state’s largest manufacturing and food handling facilities.  We have worked with school districts, churches, retail chains, city project managers, State project managers, Fire departments, airports and even a few houses now and then. 

In the past 8 years or so, we find ourselves polishing concrete more than all of the other services combined.  Polished floors do not delaminate like other flooring options and can be maintained for a fraction of the cost of any other flooring available.  The life cycle of a properly maintained polished floor is at least 3 times longer than petroleum based options.  The results are stunning and last a very long time.  There are endless applications for polished concrete and with the addition of color dye, we can transform any old slab into a work of art.

If you do choose to do business with our company, you can expect Every Detail to be taken care of.  We want to be remembered for the quality of our work and we treat each and every project as an opportunity to showcase our abilities.  You will see a great collection of cleaning equipment and qualified operators who care about their work.

Please take a look around this website to learn a little more about what we might be able to help you with at your facility. We guarantee our prices to be lower than any other licensed contractor for same services.  We are very efficient at what we do and do not have to charge much per square foot.  We rely upon our ability to clean a lot concrete in a day to improve our income.  We have been very fortunate to have as many repeat customers as we do. 

We would like the opportunity to add you to our ever growing list of satisfied customers.  Please call to schedule a free demonstration of any of the services that we offer.  I am confident that you will be pleased with the results.
Steve Anderson
(559) 280-4882

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