Concrete Resurfacing and Restoration

Before replacing or painting over old concrete, consider allowing us to resurface it.  By lightly sanding the surface with diamonds, we are able to sand away most stains and contaminants in a single pass.  It is amazing to see the transformation in person.

Years of soiling disappears before your eyes.  Everything goes, gum, grease, ink, glue, mastic, thin set, epoxy, urethane, rust, paint, everything.  Contaminants are collected in our hepa filtered vacuum systems.  Each machine has its own dust unit, keeping our work environment clean and clear.  We do a lot of work at food grade facilities and grocery stores with food on the shelves.  There is a zero tolerance policy for dust at most of the places that we work.  Notice, in the photos below, there is no dust.

We are able to resurface concrete for as little at 25 cents per square foot.  We charge about the same for pressure washing heavily soiled concrete.  We are able to maintain a faster pace and in most cases leave the concrete looking better than new.

We often resurface swimming pool decks to remove the calcium deposits that cause the surface to become slippery.  There is no down time, no chemicals, no mess, no dust, and it is very inexpensive.  We are confident that you will be amazed by the results.

The world of concrete cleaning has changed forever.  Diamonds have become our preferred method of removing almost any contaminant that you can think of, usually within a single pass. 

Our large diamond grinders are able to remove imperfections in concrete such as stains, depressions, tooling marks, chips and scratches.

Concrete is very porous and becomes impacted with dirt.  By scratching the surface of the slab, we cut past the soiling and expose the fresh concrete beneath.

This is the cleanest method of removing grease from concrete.  Nothing goes down a drain.  All petroleum products are collected in our vacuum units along with the concrete dust.  Floor is clean and dry immediately. Floor can be used after each pass.  There is no down time.

The results are very dramatic.  The prices are very affordable.  We simply give you a fresh start.

There has never been anything like this before.  The advances in machinery in recent years has changed how things are done when it comes to cleaning. Now the choice of diamond size has.

Please consider our company for your next concrete restoration project. (559) 280-4882

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