Industrial Coatings

When coating a concrete surface, you much take great care to properly prepare the surface.  With the aid of our shot blasting, scarifying and diamond grinding equipment, we can get any surface ready to coat.  We do it without the use of chemicals.   Each of our surface preparation machines have a hepa filtered vacuum unit that collects debris and prevents airborne dust.  We often operate in food grade facilities while they are operational.

We have been applying industrial coatings for some of California’s most demanding customers for over twenty three years.  From food preparation to distribution centers, we have been trusted to perform where it really counts. 
Our customers cannot afford down time.  Our ability to work in facilities as they are operational has set our company apart from most coating contractors in the state.  We often break a project into multiple smaller phases.

We complete an area; pull off the project for a period allowing the customer to relocate the product or equipment for the next phase to the completed portion.

We use solvent free, 100% solids epoxy coatings.  There are no harsh odors.  Please take a look at our video clips of coating removal or concrete resurfacing to see some of the efforts taken to ensure that our coatings will last.

We offer striping services for commercial customers who need their investment to last.  With proper surface preparation and the use of the best materials available, you can expect our lines to last.  We prepare every square inch of surface that is to be coated.  We often exceed the manufacturers’ recommendations for surface preparation.

Most of our competitors use air blowers to prepare for their line painting.

In the past, joint filling was a very labor intensive task.  We have recently purchased an epoxy injection system that allows a two man crew to fill about 1,000 feet per hour.  The epoxy is flexible and holds fast to either side of the joint as the slab moves. The patch material can be colored and  polished and meets FDA requirements.


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