Going Green / Saving Green

Save Time, energy, consumables and the environment with your polished concrete floor. Polished Concrete is the cheapest industrial flooring option available. It costs less to maintain than any other flooring period. It also reflects more light back into the room than most other flooring.

Enhanced Lighting Saves Energy

Reduced lighting load and better lighting on existing floors are a definite benefit to the end user. Many times a 25 – 30 % decrease in lighting load, due to polished concretes ability to reflect light is seen. This saves you money on not only lighting costs, but helps reduce the load on air conditioning systems, as they do not have to remove as much heat generated by lighting.

Some commercial clients have reported a reduction of up to up to 30% of their lighting bill due to the reflective quality of our polished floors. In addition to the reduction in lighting costs, they are no longer running expensive cooling systems to offset the heat that is not being created by the lights that are not on. It is a good thing.

It’s the GREEN thing to do! Notice the light return on the sample polish. Notice the lack of light return on the dirty concrete above the sample area. Notice that there is more light return on the polish sample than the epoxy coating to the right of the sample polish. The area to the left of the concrete has been cleaned with a diamond grinder. It used to be as black as the area at the top of the photo.  This photo shows that the customer has been able to turn off half of their lights after we had polished their floor. The customer happens to be Southern California Edison. This is their AG TAC Training facility in Tulare CA.

Recycle old flooring, by removing old tile or carpeting from an existing concrete floor, and polishing it, rather than covering it, it may help your working toward a L.E.E.D. certified project. (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Reduced energy for lighting and a very low cost of maintenance are attractive aspects as well. Imagine cleaning with a dust mop and cleaning spills with just warm water, no more waxing, spray buffing, and dumping caustic strippers down the drain, polished concrete will look beautiful for YEARS, with minimal care.
  • MR (Materials and Resources) Credits 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3- Building Reuse (one point each).
  • EA (Energy and Atmosphere) Credit 1 – Optimize Energy Performance (1 to 10 points).
  • MR (Materials and Resources) Credit 3.1, 3.2 – Material Reuse: 5%, 10%, (one point).
  • EQ Credit 4.1- Low Emitting Materials: Adhesives and Sealants (one point).
Learn more about Polished Concrete and L.E.E.D.

Less Maintenance

Most flooring requires time consuming and regular waxing, spray buffing, stripping or cleaning in the case of carpeting to look good. Polished concrete can greatly reduce maintenance and cleaning costs, by cleaning with a dust mop, to keep sand and grit from the floor, and spills are cleaned with just water. Reduce harmful caustic chemical inventory and its potential hazards to humans and the environment.

Stain Resistant

Due to the concrete pores being closed up during the polishing process, tires can’t leave their mark on a properly hardened, densified, and polished floor. Spills will tend to stay on the surface longer, giving you time to clean them up. Remember, the floor will be stain resistant, not stain proof. Diligent care will ensure a floor that looks beautiful for years. v The fact that the dyed and dry polished concrete floor meets the NFSI (National Floor Safety Institute) standards for certification as a “High Traction” floor that retains its non-slip qualities even when wet was also extremely important. (The floor also complies with ADA and OSHA requirements for interior floor surfaces.)
  • Eliminates Dusting
  • Ecologically Sound and Environmentally Friendly
  • Greater Strength and Durability
  • More Impact Resistance
  • Old Worn Concrete Looks Better Than New.
  • Not Effected by Ultraviolet Light
  • Little or No Down Time or Loss of Business While The Process is Completed.
Concrete polishing is less than the cost of other concrete coating systems! Although, that's not where the savings end, it's really the beginning. Concrete coatings can potentially fail due to delaminating, cracking, fading, staining, yellowing, and wear. The true value of a polished concrete is measured by its' durability, beauty and long term cost savings in maintenance. Polished concrete gives you permanent long lasting results that require no costly maintenance because there are no coatings.

Maintaining the Shine

Ease of maintenance is the key reason many warehouses and retail facilities are opting for polished concrete. Not only are polished floors easy to clean, requiring only occasional damp mopping, they hold up well to heavy forklift and foot traffic. They also eliminate the need for messy waxes or coatings as well as the associated labor, time, and expense to apply them. Once more, the glossy surface resists the marks of forklift truck tires and staining from oil and chemical spills.

Higher levels of co-efficient of friction than any coating on the market. Wet or dry, our polished concrete floor surfaces meet, and most often exceed, OSHA standards. When a concrete floor is polished, it may look like glass, however, its friction co-efficient is higher than ordinary concrete.

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