Concrete Polishing

Floors a very important part of a company’s overall image and are one of the largest surfaces seen by their customers.

The polishing of concrete has been the fastest growing commercial flooring choice in the country.  The reasons are many and include the low cost and ease of maintenance for some.  Others are drawn to polishing due to its great looks.  It does truly shine when compared to other commercial flooring options.  Most of them just don’t stand up to commercial traffic.

The light returned to the space has to be one of the biggest advantages to a polished floor. Many of our customers are able to reduce their lighting costs by reducing the number of lights that are on. Notice how much light is reflected back into the room. 

There are endless design options with polished concrete.  For those who would like for their floor to compliment a color scheme, we can color your slab with a use of a penetrating dye.  We can bring out the best of any slab.  With the addition of concrete dye we can truly transform a boring piece of concrete into something special.

Color adds so much to a floor, and it is very affordable.

The maintenance of a polished floor is far less expensive than any other commercial flooring option available.   The average cost to maintain a polished floor is 10 cents per square foot annually.

Our process is very clean.  All of our polishing equipment has a Hepa filter vacuum unit.  We often work in food grade facilities while they are in production.

We often grind into the slab a bit to expose the aggregate that is found in all concrete.  This concrete resembles natural stone and is simply beautiful.

Our polished floors are not only beautiful, they are tough.  They are stronger than they were before we start, as we apply multiple coats of concrete densifier throughout our process making the slab harder and more resistant to soiling.

The world of concrete has changed forever.  It is no longer a surface to be covered up.

We finish our efforts with an application of a penetrating stone sealer that further hardens and seals the floor.  The sealer cannot flake blister or peel like other sealers that build up on top of the floor.  Our sealer is drawn into the slab and you are left with a surface very similar to a granite countertop that is strong enough to drive a fork lift on.  The sealer can also be burnished to restore luster in high traffic areas. 

Please consider our company for your future flooring projects.  (559) 280-4882

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