Coating and Adhesive Removal

Coating Removal is simple when you start your project with the right equipment. We have a few options for your consideration.  Shot blasting, floor scraping, scarifying, diamond grinding.

Steel shot blasting is a great way to remove existing coatings as well as prepare the surface to receive a new coating.  Steel BBs are thrown toward the concrete at the velocity of a shot gun blast.  They bounce off of the surface and the contaminants are reclaimed within the machine for reuse. The coating and other surface contaminants are collected in a large vacuum unit for disposal. The cracks and joints are left as clean as the surface, all ready to receive the coating of your choice.

Floor Scrapers are used to remove thick coatings, carpet, tile, vct, linoleum and other heavy materials. A 4,000 pound machine exerts all of its force onto a thin blade that is driven between the concrete floor and the material to be removed.

Diamond grinders with special adhesive slicers make short work of even the thickest glue.  This is usually accomplished with in a single pass.  The adhesive is collected in the vacuum unit for disposal.  No chemicals, No mess, No odor. Just clean concrete.

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